BIMI Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your visit to Block Island?

Do you have general questions about BIMI? We have answers!

BIMI is located at 216 Ocean Ave in Block Island’s New Harbor. To get to Block Island, you must travel by air or boat. Transportation services both two and from the island and once you get here, can be located on the Block Island Chamber of Commerce website.

If you take the ferry. You arrive in New Harbor. You can get to BIMI easily on foot as it is a 1.1 mile walk. If you prefer not to walk, there are taxis that are available at the boat or nearby bike rentals. 

If you fly. There are taxis available at the airport or you could choose to walk. It is also only 1.1 miles away (mostly downhill).

Most needed information on on the Block Island Chamber of Commerce Website 

BIMI opens each year on the Monday of the week previous to the 4th of July. For 2024, we are open June 24 th. BIMI stays open at least until the weekend before Labor Day each year. BIMI is able to schedule private programs through September.

BIMI provides individualized environmental field trips from April to May. The aquarium is not open for this entire period.

BIMI has a 12 passenger van. We can transport 11 visitors. Additional options may be available.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM.

If you wish to rent the entire boat, accommodations can often be made to do so. BIMI does not own the boats, but is often able to arrange a tour outside of scheduled times. Please call if you are interested in doing so.

Each child must be at least 6 years old. 

Bring a water bottle and a light jacket if inclement weather might occur. Make sure you have sunscreen applied beforehand and wear water shoes.

No. However, Pond and Beyond is located on our site. You can reach them by texting to 401-578-2773.

Register at (please put the correct link here). 

If you believe there is a computer error, please contact BIMI staff by calling or texting  401-500-3501 between 9:30 and 4 PM or email at Expect a 24 hour delay with emails.

Parking is limited at the BIMI site. There is street parking available. There is a bike rack and extra room for bicycles. BIMI is a short walk or taxi ride from town.