Conservation Efforts

BIMI Doing Our Part!

BIMI’s mission is to provide educational experiences and hands-on exploration to inspire appreciation and preservation of the extraordinary saltwater environment around Block Island.

BIMI Conservation and Preservation Activities include:

Outreach and Education:

 Visitor Education:

BIMI Marine Educators teach about Block Island’s local species while educating about the importance of biodiversity and how people impact the environment. Our aquarium supports these efforts, showcasing local species acquired within a couple of weeks of being seen. BIMI further partners with Mystic Aquarium to provide education and outreach regarding the seal population on Block Island.

  • Student Programs are also available from April to October.


BIMI teams up with Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Team to monitor whales, seals, and turtles and provide support with animal rescues and necropsies as needed.


BIMI believes in the need for ongoing research in areas of conservation. Currently, BIMI participates in research with the Atlantic Shark Institute, RI DEM and Mystic Aquarium in monitoring shark and seal populations.

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Caring for Block Island...


prevention of wasteful use of a resource.


the act, process, or result of keeping something alive, intact, or free from damage or decay.